Thursday, 25 May 2017

Day 21

Today is a £1 day.
B:  porridge (4p), sugar (1p), natural yogurt (apf)
L:  egg mayo (17p), bagel (2p), coleslaw (6p), mixed salad (apfs/garden)
D:  fish pie (around 50p), broccoli (apf)

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

End of day 20

It all went more or less according to plan really
B:  porridge   Total 5p
L:  egg mayo and salad roll   Total 19p
D:  fried basa fillets with green beans   Total 50p

I also had a spot of luck.  After the governors' meeting this evening, I popped over the road to Morrisons as I was nearly out of bread and have no time in the next few days to bake any.  Not only did I find a nice Warburton's white sliced (still beautifully fresh and soft) for 9p, I also got two packs of bagels for 9p each and some sausages (OK, not great sausages) at 9p for 12.
I shall make the sluiced bread an apf because costing it out as I use it will be complicated.  The rest works out fine.

So . . .
Today I spent 74p
Plus 9p for the sliced bread
Budget so far £23
Spent: £20.85
Money in hand:  £2.15

Recipe: pepperami pasta

I had some yellow sticker pepperami - those little sticks of pepperami that come in packs of four and go into lunchboxes.  These were 50p for four, last for ages and were a real bargain.

I also used some passata that I made from last year's tomatoes and froze last autumn.

This is more an idea that a recipe so no specific amounts, just what I thought would be right for one person.

a little oil
1/4 onion (mine was a red onion), sliced
about 1/6th of a red pepper, diced
1 small pepperami, unwrapped and grated (or you could cut it into slices)
smoked paprika
garlic puree
a bit of tomato puree

cooked spaghetti
a sprinkle of grated cheese (I used strong cheddar)

Put the pasta on to cook.

Gently fry the onion until translucent.  Add the red pepper and the grated pepperami and fry for a few more minutes, stirring now and again.  Then add the paprika and the garlic puree and fry for another minute.

Add the passata, increase the heat and let it bubble and thicken.  Add the tomato puree and taste, seasoning if necessary.

Drain the cooked spaghetti, reserving a little of the cooking water.  Add it to the sauce with a little cooking water and mix it all together.
Tip it into a bowl and sprinkle over some grated cheese.  Eat straight away!

You could use any suitable veg - I wanted to add some peas but am right out of them.
The pepperami gives the dish a little bit of heat and the paprika imparts smokiness.  Really delicious.

End of day 19

Today has gone really well.

B:  bacon roll and banana   Total 12p as the bacon was free)
L:  toastie, coleslaw and salad   Total 26p
D:  pepperami pasta, natural yogurt    Total 25p (pepperami was YS/50p for four and the veg was either garden or apf)
S/S:  peanut butter   Total 10p

So . . .
Today I spent 73p
Budget so far £22
Spent: £20.02
Money in hand:  £1.98

I will need to get another pack of butter soon - it lasts for ages when you only put a little bit in your butter dish at a time but it does run down eventually!

Day 20

Day 20 and a £1 day
(apf means already paid for - I've taken the whole cost out of the budget already)

B:  porridge (4p) with sugar (1p) and natural yogurt (apf)
L:  egg (13p) mayo (4p) roll (2p) with salad (garden and apf), carrot batons (4p), apple (8p)
D:  basa fillet (38p), dusted in seasoned flour (neg) and fried, green beans (100g - 12p) and home made chips (around 8p)

I won't be eating until late because of a meeting at 6:00, so no supper needed tonight.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Good old Tesco

I went to Tesco with my Mum on Saturday and noticed some likely looking packs of 'cooking bacon' for 60p
I chose carefully and brought home two packs.  I have just sorted them out.
One pack consisted of some very thick slices which I was able to cut in two to give me five portions of gammon-like meat that will each make a good main meal at 12p each.
The other pack had rashers and I now have eight lots of two rashers for breakfasts and lunches at 8p per lot (rounded up)

Morrisons doesn't have cooking bacon like that; their cooking bacon is little bits chopped up.  Great for adding to dishes but not as an 'element' (as the chefs call it).

It will certainly help with the pound a day and I'm well pleased.

Day 19

Budget so far £21
Spent: £19.29
Money in hand:  £1.71

Today's plans are based around freebies (because they need using up), YS items (ditto) and some stuff from the garden.

B:  bacon (free) roll (3p), banana (10p)
L:  toastie (20p), mixed salad (garden and apfs), coleslaw (6p), apple
D:  pepperami pasta (guesstimating at around 30p), natural yogurt (apf)
S/S:  apple (8p)